General Motors

In-house User Experience / User Interface Designer (UX/UI)

Working to drive meaningful change in the automotive industry, has me involved in designing new digital products and services for GM customers. Products and services intended to work in concert with diverse platforms - smart phones, tablets, car consoles and the web. Designing User Interfaces (UI) and User Experiences (UX) to empower GM customers to get from here to there, safely and confidently. 
As part of the team behind the re-design of several GM apps, I contributed new looks for screen layouts, iconography and design patterns. 
Today, fuctionality, performance and screen flow are still being refined and tested, which means these apps continue to evolve in our attempt to create the best possible customer experience.
I have been active in the developement of an in-house prototyping tool useful in simulating the next generation of in-vehicle and infotainment systems. Its a tool which helps me design new interfaces while also demonstrating how future systems would function in the car. Specifically, how GM systems will work in concert with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
From Adobe Creative Suite to Sketch to Axure, a multitude of tools and software are employed to create new customer experiences. Starting from an idea to its delination and developement in a wireframe and then its refinement into a functioning mobile screen, I'm there working through every step. 
In concepting future products, I've been involved in storyboards and animations for demonstrations to stakeholders and for use in customer research. 
It's rewarding doing work that will directly impact so many people, today and in the future.
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